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Final idea of my work

In the final project, I change my idea because the previous to difficult to implement, so I use the new idea to become my final art work.

In my final work. I decided a timer bomb using Arduino, it is want to express the idea  of the pressure  in facing deadline in university life. In the work, you press the button to start the timer, and you need to disarm it by enter the code within a limit of time, it just simulate like the deadline is coming closer and closer, to let the user know the feeling how we face the deadline.




Reference for relate project

After I have am idea that put the game and interactive element into my project. I found some related project which can inspire me.


I found that I can make use of the space, and physical object to make a game “out of the screen”, however due to the limitation, I need to make it smaller, so I do a futher searching.

Than, I have an idea to use arduino to make a small piece of work like the two reference video above.

My final idea


cms1 isp

My project idea is use arduino to make a paper mario, the background will scrolling to left, player can press the button to control the mario to jump in order to evade the obstacles, once the character collide to obstacle, it will game over. This work will fit into the box that provided in ISP.



Futher research of the topic

For the topic “Not an art object”, my idea is to make to art work that can be play with, make it not a art object that can only be view only, but it also can play with. So the further idea it combine the computer game element into the my work, to make it become a “playable”

After define the direction of my project I found some research about how a art work become a “playable”

Reference website:


Toshio Iwai, ‘Composition on the Table’, 1998-1999, sound and video installation.



New Playable Art: Media Arts Exhibition



After the research, for most computer game, it is usually is screen base and only can interactive it with keyboard ,mouse or game controller, so why not we bring this virtual game out of the screen to become a real object. So I have am idea that make an installation game from the transitional computer game


Integrated Studio Project Online Process Diary

Research on topic

Keyword: “not an art object”

Art Definitions:

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.


To become “not and art object”, it can combine with science, physics,  technology and interactive, so it not just only a visual form in sculpture one visual from.

PRISMA 1666: Drawing Inspiration from Sir Isaac Newton

Source http://blog.estudiominga.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/img_8847-550×366.jpg

Integrated more than one media

After combine make “not and art object”, than try to merge two kind of media, the idea is combine Sound + Object + Projection

Source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgy1S8qymx0

CONTACT: Augmented Acoustics

Source http://vimeo.com/82107250


Project proposal:

In the ISP project, it is propose to create a work that audience can interact with, the idea is through the audience difference action, it will produce difference pattern base on those action, also it will produce difference sound, it like a musical instrument, but it is virtual and use a table as interface.